Birthday Presents For Men and Killing To Survive

Birthday presents for men and ‘killing to survive’. You may be wondering what one has to do with the other. In actual fact they have more in common than you realise. If you keep on reading you’ll understand what one has to do with the other. (If you are a women reading this, you’ll appreciate sometimes how difficult it can be to buy birthday presents for men).

Since the dawn of time, man has been hunting for survival. Man has also been trying to impress women into believing that they are the strongest, fittest, and best male to be with. What has this got to do with birthday presents for men I hear you ask? Well follow on, you’ll get some really interesting insight into the way men are hard wired from thousands of years ago and how it applies today.

Killing To Survive

In today’s day and age we don’t have to hunt or kill to survive, although it is still in our genes, it’s our instincts to show that we are the best. Men’s competitive nature is there to show that they are the alpha male of the group. It’s done to try and dominate and get a foothold in our society.

You can see it through the ages; the gladiators in Rome. As time went on, when this was thought to be too barbaric, men later progressed to duelling for honour. Duelling was later outlawed (probably to save a rich man’s son) competitive games were then developed. As more time went on, we ended up developing organized competition – like the Olympic games.

Today, we have so many different things to be competitive in. There is World Snooker, World, Baseball, World Darts, Online Gaming Championships, Wood Chopping Championships, Drag Racing, Slot Car Racing, Garden Shows etc. Just about everyone wants to be the best at something and to be recognized. It’s in our genes that we’ve inherited from our hunter/gatherer days. Men want to impress others around them – it’s in men’s genes.

So, even if we don’t have to hunt to survive, men still want to show the opposite sex that we’re important and the biggest and “baddest” alpha male. We want flashier cars, bigger houses, the best phone, and the sexiest clothes. It’s a sign to show that we are important. All these things are all basically trophies that are on display for others to look at.

The Best Birthday Presents For Men

The best birthday presents for men for the modern day include anything that gives him an edge competitively for work or his hobby. It’s all about lifting status. The alternative to competitive birthday presents for men are trophies. One great example of great trophies are customized figurines. These look just like them, made straight from a photo, can be made from a selected theme of your choice, are fun…. and oh yeah, lifts his status.

Customized figurines as birthday presents for men are truly personalized. No-one else will have given him a present like this, and no-one else will have a gift like it. If you want to lift your status in your man’s eyes as well, consider customized figurines as a birthday present idea!