Buzzirk Review – Is the Global Verge Buzzirk G5 Business Opportunity a Scam?

This article will be a Global Verge Buzzirk Review, and will cover important information that is most often left out of Global Verge Buzzirk Opportunity presentations, as well as present my insights from over 3 years of being one of the top money earners in the home based business industry, on the viableness, and potential success the Buzzirk opportunity could have.

First off, lets answer a prominent question on most people’s minds: is Global Verge Buzzirk A Scam?

The answer to that is… NO. Global Verge Buzzirk is not a Scam. On the contrary, it is backed by world wide renown company United Technologies, and has some of the most cutting edge cell phone technology incorporated into its product line. The company behind Global Verge Buzzirk has been in business a LONG time, and is simply launching a new product line called Buzzirk G5, which is their cell phone technology. From all that I can see, the Global Verge Buzzirk product is legitimate, and may even be revolutionary.

In fact, when I usually write reviews on companies I look for a few different criteria to determine their long term viability.

1. Unique product
2. Unique leadership
3. Unique Selling Proposition, IE: how powerful their marketing story will be in the market place.

In my experience, it’s these 3 factors that will make the biggest difference as to whether Global Verge Bizzerk will be able to get off the ground and running. So far, in all of these areas, they are hitting some very strong points. There is already considerable buzz starting to stir around the Buzzirk G5 phone, and it’s truly being hailed as a revolutionary technology when it comes to download speed, internet connection, and much more. The possibilities are exciting.

However, even though the Global Verge Buzzirk company seems to be strong, and has a unique product line… there are often factors of success in this company that get left out of most of their opportunity presentations. The fact of the matter is… it’s much less important what the product is, who the company is, and who’s behind it… then it is “HOW Are YOU Going To Market It?”

You see, marketing is the sweet spot that allows any distributor to actually BUILD a business, regardless of whatever the company is. Marketing is what allows you to execute the fundamental business principles that create leads, cash flow, and new distributors on a daily basis.

It is the ‘Marketing Secrets’ I learned that allowed me to build walk away 6 figure residual incomes, not the specific companies or opportunities I was involved in. I highly suggest if you’re thinking about Global Verge and the Buzzirk business opportunity that you LEARN how to market yourself first, then you’ll be able to create success in this company much easier.