Choosing Corporate Executive Gifts For Global Partners

With advances in technology and communications, the global market is now a reality. Many corporations based in the United States have locations in foreign countries and partnerships all over the world. When choosing corporate executive gifts for people in other countries, keep these tips in mind to ensure that your token of appreciation doesn’t unintentionally offend.

Tip #1: Do Your Background Research

Each culture has a deep history of positive and negative associations with colors, symbols, animals, and even shapes. Be aware of the differences between American culture and the culture of the person or group you would like to recognize. Keep in mind that some of the most popular corporate executive gifts aren’t appropriate for executives from other countries; just as not every American enjoys golf, not every executive regularly spends time on the course. Choose items that are useful, like pens and watches. Take care to ensure before you order that the color of the item doesn’t offend, and remember that some cultures strongly prefer gold to silver, and vice versa.

Tip #2: Choose Unique Executive Gifts For Travelers

When considering products a recipient from another country might appreciate, travel items are always a safe bet, yet also make for unique executive gifts. Most people appreciate presents that are attractive, but also very useful to them. If your colleagues travel regularly for business, a travel alarm clock is a great idea. Some companies offer electrical adapters for travelers, and most items a traveler would appreciate can be personalized for the recipient.

Tip #3: Technological Items Are Popular — And Well Appreciated

Corporate executive gifts that meet a technological need are very popular for good reason. Many executives are grateful to have an extra USB flash drive handy. A small portable speaker or power bank for an iPad or smart phone are good options as well. And of course, any of these items can be branded with your corporate logo, so you and your company are remembered long after the token is given.

Tip #4: Art Glass Awards Are Both Personal And Meaningful

Elegant and customizable, art glass awards are a great idea for recognizing an important accomplishment by anyone in your organization. What makes art glass awards perfect for colleagues from other countries is their uniqueness; they are fine gifts that come in any color, and can be personalized with the person’s name and accomplishment. Remember to do your research to ensure you choose a color and shape that are free from negative associations for the background of the recipient. Lastly, always double check the spelling of names; foreign names can often be easily mis-spelled, and some are very long. Giving someone art glass awards with a mis-spelled name is a deep embarrassment that can easily be avoided with careful proofreading.

Tip #5: Brush Up On Gift Giving Customs

Some cultures have very specific ways of giving presents, and how one is presented is very important as it shows respect for the recipient. In some cultures, you always handle a business card with two hands when presenting it. Do some online research or ask a colleague how to show the utmost respect with body language as well as the words you choose to honor the recipient. Simply saying thank you in the language of the recipient, if said flawlessly, is a gesture that always shows appreciation from the heart.