Geeky T-Shirt – My Geek T-Shirt Picks

Life requires Tshirts. This article will cover the coolest in geek t shirts, from TV shows to science. Check out my picks and make a few picks of your own.

· Wi-Fi Detector Shirt – This crazy Tshirt displays the current wi-fi signal strength for the whole world to see. No more guessing where to set up the laptop.
· Caffeine molecule – For those who have dedicated their lives to staying up all night.
· LMAO – If you have ever wondered what someone would look like after they LMAO, this tshirt is for you.
· You are dumb – If you work with binary and people who don’t work with binary, you need this tshirt. The binary code just begs someone to ask you what it says, then you get to say, “You are dumb.”
· meh – Now you can show the world just how little you care – meh.
· Knights who formerly said Ni – Ecky ecky ecky ecky pakang zoom boing, enough said. And on a complete side note – did you know you could get a Black Knight plush doll that you can hack the arms and legs off of?
· Come to the dark side, we have cookies. . . -V – You know you want a cookie and the Star Wars reference.
· Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya – This plain tshirt sports a permanent name tag and a name. Guaranteed to send all six fingered men running for their lives.
· Dalek, Exterminate – Doctor Who, anyone?
· Schrodinger’s Cat – Don’t get it? You should watch more Stargate or look it up! You can probably even get a stray animal activist worked up with this one too.

These are certainly not the only geek t shirts available. You can find these and more at my link or possibly your local tshirt store. Happy geek shopping!