How to Make a Guy Feel Good! Follow These Tricks & He Will Always Feel Good Around You

Different things make different men happy, so there is really no foolproof procedure that would work for every man. But there are some simple gestures that generally work in making most men feel good.

Appreciate the little things he does
Sure, it’s his job to take out the garbage, but it won’t hurt to give him a smile and a thanks for doing so without you having to remind him. And he went out of his way to buy you the dishwashing liquid you asked for, so thank him even though he got the wrong brand.

Provide him his little comforts
He likes his eggs runny, so cook them runny – without making a fuss. And he likes the music turned up loud when it’s his turn to scrub the bath, so put the radio in the bathroom. Then provide him with a big approving smile and a huge helping of cake after a job well done.

Indulge him once in a while
If he likes to watch F1 races, reserve the TV for one of the major events, get him his favorite food and drink, and let him watch in peace – although you can’t figure out what’s exciting about those cars going around and around the track. Ask him about it afterward while he packs away the mess. He’d just be too happy to tell you.

Be genuinely proud of him
Display photos of him getting a trophy. Or a picture of him working on his wonderful invention (even if it doesn’t work). Or his first painting.

Surprise him with just about anything
Save a portion of his earnings and when you have set aside enough, get him one of the things that he really wants – a gadget, for instance. Then tell him that it came from his hard work.

Be the supportive partner
When your man starts withdrawing into his trusty little shell, don’t try to drag him back out. And don’t force him to tell you why either. Just let him know that you’re there for him. Sometimes, this is the kind of support he needs. He’ll crawl back out when he’s ready.

Be ecstatic with your life
When you’re happy, confident and content, your man will most likely feel the same way. For a man, there is nothing like having a girlfriend or wife who’s pleasant to be with.

After all, being in a relationship that’s full of fun, understanding, trust, and bliss will leave any man feeling good.