Mobile Technology and Inter Species Interpreting Software of the Future

Did you know that thanks to the military technology exploits of DARPA, that there now exists PDA sized computers, which can translate any language into any other language or dialect in real time? These were used in Iraq by the troops, and the soldiers guarding the border to talk with the locals. It also prevented miscommunication and other problems. In essence it saves lives, and helps the soldiers to a better job. Similar software and technology is also used in diplomacy. And it is being used by police officers in inner cities where immigrants speak many different languages.

Now let’s fast-forward to see what this technology might be able to do in the future. What if we could use it to talk to animals? We know that dolphins have their own language, and many species use various sounds to me various things. Could we use this technology to talk to our dogs, dolphins, chimpanzees and other animals? The answer is most likely yes.

Now, let’s throw in the technology that is used for people who do sign language so they can send out e-mails. The software system recognizes the motion of the hands and then types that into the computer. This way people doing sign language can send out e-mails without using a video feed or typing their words.

So, that means that we could interpret and understand the language of animals by their body language, and then communicate with them in the same way with the body language of a picture on the screen. Someday soon we will be able to talk to the animals using mobile technology devices. Please consider this.