Technology – Leveling the Playing Field for Immigration Law Firms of All Sizes

There was a time, years ago, when the size of a law firm would affect their access to leading-edge technology. Many law firms, with resources and the ability to invest in digital infrastructure, created their own software and mechanisms to manage immigration and case workflow. These solutions, cumbersome and difficult to manage, taxed these firms with staffing and time requirements abound.

But, over the past decade, new software solutions developed by companies have given access to powerful immigration case management software or technology to law firms and companies of all sizes.

Because these solutions are managed by external companies and because they are provided to multiple companies, firms of all sizes gain access to powerful case management tools for a reasonable cost that can deliver an immediate return on investment.

Immigration case management solutions give law firms access to multiple necessary tools for case management and workflow. Offerings include:
• Immigration forms, updated within 24 hours of release
• Case management from inception to compliance and beyond
• e-Filing of major immigration forms and petitions
• The ability to manage all aspects of compliance
• Complete and robust data management
• The ability to communicate with and share data with clients and consultants
• Contact and address book management
• The ability to conduct online billing

With access to these leading-edge functionalities, the playing field for law firms has opened up. Small firms are able to gain access to the same technology as larger firms and offer their clients true, 21st century solutions for immigration and compliance management.

These integrated systems give clients a way to access and manage many portions of their cases, check on the status of their cases and provide their firms with necessary information. The firms themselves, within a single system, can initiate cases, complete all required forms, submit those forms to governmental agencies via e-filing capacities and track and manage all aspects of compliance related to the cases. Further, these forms can use online billing capacities to manage all aspects of payments and economic management.

The advantages of technology are plentiful for today’s businesses. Immigration case management software or technology gives law firms of all sizes – solo practitioners, small firms and large firms as well – the ability to provide proactive and powerful services to their clients, including corporations, universities, individuals and other organizations.

Take advantage of technology – use immigration case management software to level the playing field in today’s business environment.