Technology Now Driving Mobile Workforce Management

With recent software developments enabling improved workforce scheduling and the ability to track and monitor performance, service management businesses are finding that cutting-edge technology is able to drive the performance of its mobile workforce.

With the latest mobile workforce management software designed to maximise a workforce’s productivity and improve the bottom line for a business, putting in place such software has to be seen as a must for businesses with a workforce continually on the go and out “on the road”.

Intelligent scheduling

Businesses will be impressed to find that decent software will have a scheduling tool integral to the way it works. The tool will drive intelligent scheduling and enable a business to get the most from its mobile workforce. A scheduling tool will be capable of optimising appointments, minimising drive time and driving service delivery efficiencies across a business.

It will work by configuring appointments and matching to the right worker, so a business has the confidence that the right worker has all of the information they need, including the right appointment time, details and information about the materials they will need for the job.

Cutting-edge technology

Much of the software currently available on the market will be powered by cutting-edge mobile applications which can be used on a large number of mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android phones. This compatibility with commonly used mobile devices is one of the strongest elements possessed by the software and guaranteed to keep costs low (as mobile apps will work on older phones and so prevent capital outlay for new devices) and drive improvements across a business.

Workforce tracking capabilities

Delivered online and offering real-time capabilities, field service management software will come with functionality that enables a business’s people to monitor and analyse workforce performance as it happens.

For example, many service delivery and service management companies find that they are able to use the software to monitor when their workers actually start their first job of the day. This is because the software will provide the ability to log into a central system to monitor start times. And as the system will also require the mobile worker to log when they start their first job on their mobile device, this information is relayed to the central system. So when supervisors start their day, they can see what jobs are in progress and chase those that aren’t.

All of which is a prime example of how technology can work to its full capability, ensuring that a business has the right knowledge to drive workforce performance and increase productivity.