Using DVD Duplicators

Watching movies from movie houses can sometimes be really expensive, especially if you would be paying for other people too. Due to this, people at times would like it more if they can view movies through cheaper DVD copies instead of watching such flicks at the cinema. Where do they get such cheap movie copies? From stores that sell pirated CDs and DVDs of course! This however is a case of piracy so if you are one of those who have DVD duplicators at home, do refrain from using your gadget for such purposes, unless you want to be charged with crime. Well, you might as well as sell off your duplicator, but really, there is more to your gadget than burning movies for cheap prices. Try to consider the following situations.

Your computer’s memory is almost filled up but you can’t just cut your files. Plus, the backup system seems to be bogged down. You have a lot of written works, you hoard e-books, you are into photography and you like to download free movies from the internet. Your files are technically, going beyond the memory capacity of your computer but you cannot afford to buy several external hard drives. But you do have your duplicator with you and DVD disks are cheaper than external hard drives. So why not burn your files on CDs and make copies of such through your gadget? This way, you’d get a lot of back up for your files if the computer crashes or gets virus infected.

You need to create some souvenir for an event that you have just organized. Consumables cannot be treated as souvenirs as souvenirs should last forever. Mugs? They’re too passé unless you can find ones that would have rare features. Silverware? They’re too expensive. Jewelry? They’re even much more costly. Shirts? But you don’t know your participants’ sizes. Ho about making several copies of some movie or portfolio you’ve made about that recently organized event? Surely, that will be a lot more inexpensive, right? Besides, they would be more useful too. Look at it this way, if the event was some seminar, produce the seminar notes through the CDs or DVDs . If the event had been a wedding, produce the video taken from the thing and use this as the souvenir so everyone would remember what happened during the occasion. Those involved would probably thank you for cheaper souvenir prices.

You have to distribute several written articles and handouts about some classroom discussion, business proposal and the lot. It’s impractical to have everything else printed and then photocopied; that will entail the use of several trees for paper use. This manner, you can just say that you’re destroying our environment. Use your duplicator instead, and distribute the soft copies to the people involved, at least you get to help save the environment if you do so.

Such things mentioned are just some of the uses of DVD duplicators, there are actually more but we don’t have to list everything here. The point is, there is really more to your gadget than burning movies that can be sold off on the street, so use such gadget to your full advantage not for something that goes against the laws.