VoIP Softswitches: The Revolution In Telecom

Nextone technology is a new development in the arena of telecommunications industry. It has made life easier for wholesale telecom operators.

The telecommunications industry has witnessed innovations of massive proportions in recent years. A significant development in the industry was the development of softswitch technology which completely changed the dynamics of the industry. To appreciate properly the benefits of the technology, it would be helpful to know the basics of the technology.

Understanding VoIP Technology

VoIP technology is a method of converting voice signals into digital IP packets and sending it by using the channel of the Internet to the final destination. A cost effective method of communication, the technology is fast advancing.

Defining Softswitch

A softswitch is a centrally located device within a telephone network. Supported by specialized software, it is used to link calls from one telephone line to the other. Earlier, the functions of the softswitch were undertaken by hardware, when physical switches were used for the routing of calls. In layman’s terms, the function of the softswitch is to separate the hardware and software of a circuit switched network.

How It Works

The objective of the softswitch is to control connections at the junction point between the circuit and packet networks. To attain this goal, a single device containing both the switching logic and the switching fabric can be used. However, modern technology decomposes this device into a Call Agent and a Media Gateway.

The Call Agent enables functions such as billing, call routing, signaling, call services and so on. A Call Agent in a softswitch system may control different Media Gateways in geographically dispersed areas over a TCP/IP connect system.

The job of the Media Gateway is to link different types of digital media streams together to create an end-to-end path for the voice media as well as data. The system may have interfaces to connect to conventional PSTN networks as well as ATM and IP networks. Modern systems have Ethernet interfaces to connect VoIP calls. The call agent instructs the media gateway to connect media streams between these interfaces.

Next Generation Softswitch

A next generation softswitch can manage multiple media streams including voice, fax, data and video traffic. It can also support signaling protocols for connectivity over TDM or VoIP. Earlier, VoIP technology had issues in meeting the stringent QoS requirements required in real-time communication. However, in recent years, the VoIP technology has upgraded itself to meet the QoS standards important for carrier-grade communication.

VoIP Switch Partitioning: Nextone

VoIP Switch Partitioning is a revolutionary technology in the telecommunication sector which has brought huge benefits for those who have a large client base spread over a geographical area. It provides a business ready to use platform. It can opt for hosted softswitch service instead of owning the platform as this reduces the financial burden on them. Through hosted softswitch partitions, logical partitions are created on the platform that allows different operators to manage and operate their own partition exclusively yet enjoying the functionality of the entire switch.

Nextone is a single VOIP platform that simplifies the deployment of next-generation solutions by incorporating network security, signaling interworking (SIP/H.323) and multi-vendor interoperability. It is a multi protocol session border controller. With the help of sophisticated programs, the technology can break down information into packets containing payload and headers which contain routing instructions needed by the switch.

Nextone softswitch provides ease of management to the operators, reduces their overheads, enhances efficiency and also achieves optimal resource utilization.