What Are The Latest Developments In Technology?

Advancements in technology occur every so often, thanks to the many gadgets that companies have now introduced. Whether it is in the business, societal, economic, medical, or communication field, there is always something new developed. Initially there was the computer but since the introduction of the internet, there has been a major escalation of technology in various arenas.

Even though the computer is still highly utilized, it has reduced in size and increased in functionality over the years. The desktop computer is, now, a one piece equipment with all the necessary gadgets included. There is no need for a tower, or CPU, because it all comes as one item. Soon, laptops will become a thing of the past as they give way to even smaller computers. The notebook that has been in the market for a few years has overshadowed the laptop. It is much smaller in size and can perform almost all the functions a laptop can. Recently introduced and creating quite a buzz is the tablet. This is yet another computer but smaller than the notebook. It has many features and is ideal to carry around. It is also stylishly designed so that it is striking and, it has all necessary protective elements.

Technology has also spread like wildfire through mobile phones. Leading companies Apple, Samsung, and HP, among others, have been competing to produce the best smartphones in the market. These cell phones not only perform regular telephone tasks but, they are technologically advanced to include computerized tasks. You can check your email, download music, play games, watch live TV and chat using your smartphone. Cell phones have certainly developed from the big, unsightly gadget to a super sleek, fashionable necessity.

Cameras, TV’s and Video games have also progressed technologically. There is much a camera can do besides taking still images. Through added technology, an individual can record videos using a camera, use facial recognition to ensure they take pictures of people from a distance and edit the pictures on the camera. When you consider television, a High Definition flat screen is the model to have now. The choices are widespread between LED, LCD, Plasma and DLP screens. They come in high resolution which makes the images much sharper and clearer. Technology has certainly changed TV viewing for all. Video games on the other hand continue to become more realistic as technology evolves. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo remain major contenders in this field with new versions of the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii, respectively. Be on the lookout for more as technology continues to advance.