Why Men Need Image Consultants Too

As an image consultant the vast majority of my clients are women. When it comes to looking good, why is it that most men don’t think of getting advice from an image consultant? My guess is that most men don’t think they get their look right all the time but are too shy, embarrassed or proud to ask for help. They seem to think that colour analysis and style consultations are only for women.

Most men probably struggle with what suits them best when shopping. Often they have events to attend but they don’t know what will be suitable to wear. Sometimes their dress sense lets them down at work and despite having the necessary qualifications and experience for a promotion they get overlooked whilst someone who looks the part gets the job. Even at corporate events where men get the opportunity to attend image workshops, they often choose different options given the chance.

So let’s dispel the myth: colour and style consultations are for everyone! What would a man gain from some image advice for himself?


Firstly, he would learn about the colours that would suit him best – the colours that would make a great first impression whether at a job interview or in a social environment (e.g. wine bar, club, …). Men, just as much as women, need to know which colours will make them look young, fit and healthy and which will be draining. They may need to learn how to use colour to make themselves look more professional, authoritative or approachable, depending on the circumstances they find themselves in.

Men should not be afraid that an image consultant is going to force them into shocking pink. Everyone can wear a wide range of colours and an image consultant can help men to decide which ones will be most appropriate for their situation and which they will feel most comfortable in. There are plenty of neutrals such as black, brown, grey, pewter, navy, white and cream which will form the basis of most men’s wardrobes, and other colours can be added in small amounts!


Style is very important for men, and although a lot more simple that style for women, it is important that a man understands his body shape and how to dress it well. He needs to find out which cut of suit will work best for him and how to look for proper fit. He also needs to understand which sorts of fabrics will work well on his body. Although most men will need a suit at some point, if his lifestyle and work are not formal, he will need to think about other options that are appropriate for him. A man’s style personality will determine what he’s most comfortable in and this will help him choose clothes that suit him best. A man also needs to understand his proportions and scale to ensure his overall look is balanced and in proportion. At a style consultation he would also learn about grooming and finishing touches.

So, men should not be afraid to seek help on matters of image. The men that are “brave” enough usually find that their clothes shopping becomes much quicker and easier. They also find that they feel much more confident with their look at work and play!

To find out more about image for men or to improve your business image book a consultation with an image consultant.